New Year Profits Review – My Beta Tester Results!

Hey, welcome to my New Year Profits review blog!

I’ve set this blog up specifically to share my results using the New Year Profits software over the past 3 weeks as a beta-tester!

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Week 1 Results

I made a total of 15 trades my first week and managed to make a profit of +$366 – Out of the 15 trades I won 10 and lost 5. This is normal is you can’t expect to win 100%.

Week 2 Results

By week 2 I was a lot more confident using the software. This week I made a total of 36 trades. I won 28 and lost 8 for a net profit of +$560!

Week 3 Results

By week 3 I had managed to make a total profit of +$926 which allowed me to increase my trade size and have the potential to make more money.

In week 3 I made less trades than week 2 as I didn’t have as much time to trade. I only made 20 trades however I managed to win 16 out of 20 trades for a net profit of +$660.

My Conclusion

I made a deposit of the minimum amount into the broker and managed to make a total net profit after 3 weeks of + $1586.

I am extremely pleased with this because I started with the minimum amount and I have soon been able to make well over $1000 in profit. If you are able to start with more money, you will be able to make bigger profits much sooner.

I have set up a special deal with the creator whereby if you start using the New Year Profits software through my link below, you will get a special matching deposit bonus at the broker:

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Thanks for checking out my review, I hope you have found it useful!

Take care and happy trading! Amber xx

New Year Profits – Is It A Scam?

Hey guys, it’s Amber here and I wanted to put a quick blog post together just to answer the “scam” theories going around about New Year Profits.

As a beta-tester I am one of few people who have had early access into the New Year Profits software. I’m happy to tell you that it is not a scam, in fact the software is free to use, so how can it be a scam?

All you need to do is make a deposit at the recommended broker and then if you find that you don’t like using the New Year Profits software you can withdraw your money :)

So… New Year Profits scam? Absolutely not!


New Year Profits – Beta Tester

Hey guys, Amber here and welcome to my beta tester blog for New Year Profits. The creator contacted me a few weeks back and asked me to test this one out.

I’ve been testing a few binary options products lately and to my absolute surprise I’ve actually made some money which is really cool and on this blog I’m going to share my results using New Year Profits!

You should find my review on this blog xx

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